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ГО «Управляющая компания холдинга
«Концерн Брестмясомолпром»
You are welcome

SC "Holding management company "Concern Brestmiasomolprom" is one of the largest corporations of the meat and dairy industry in the Republic of Belarus. The concern's enterprises have gathered many years' experience in the production of meat and dairy products.  Annual milk processing is more than 1000 thousand tons and meat production is about 200 thousand tons. Today the stuff of the corporation is about 15 thousand workers. One of the main directions of the stuff is constant expansion of the product range, manufacturing application of advanced technologies and new types of equipment which permit to mechanize and automate the technological processes.

Our aim is to make efficient and worthy business!

We are always open for business partnership and establishing of mutually beneficial long term relationships.

  • JSC "Baranovitchi Dairy Integrated Plant"
  • JSC "Berioza Cheese-producing Plant"
  • JSC "Kobrin butter and cheese making factory"
  • JSC "Luninets milk plant"
  • JSC “Pruzhany Milk Mill”
  • OJSC "Savushkin product"
  • OJSC "Belovezhskie syry"
  • OJSC "Liakhovichi Lactic Factory"
  • JSC “Berezovskiy meat-cannery enterprise”
  • JSC “Brest meat plant”
  • JSC “Pinsky meat combinat”
  • JSC “Baranovichi Food-Processing Plant”
  • JSC "Brestskoye Pivo"
  • JSC "Goryn Agrokombinat"
  • PC "Kobrin Cannery"
  • PC "Lyahovichi Cannery"
  • CUPE "Mankovichi"
  • UMU “Peskovskoe”
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Уважаемые Посетители! В разделе "Прайс-лист"
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Наша продукция
  • Meat products
  • Dairy products
  • Fruit and vegetable products