OJSC «Berioza cheese-producing Plant»

OJSC (open joint stock company) “Berioza cheese-producing plant” is a company with a rich history. Today the plant is one of the leaders in dairy industry with a wide and varied range.
The main components of our success are carefully preserving traditions of dairy production, friendly and talented staff, continuous improvement of production facilities, advanced technology and high grade raw milk. To date, the company produces more than 200 kinds of products. The main of them – cheese: semi-hard, soft, processed and sausage cheese, brynza. Also the company produces whole-milk drinks and butter, yoghurt and sour-milk drinks, glazed curds and ice-cream, mayonnaise and dry dairy products. All these products bring out under the well-known and favourite brand “Berjozka”.

The Standing Committee of the European Union on the Food Chain and Animal Health has allowed our company to supply milk and dairy products to the EU since July 2012. This once again confirms that the choice of milk products from the “Berjozka” is always consistent quality and the best choice.

Director: Vladimir Popenya

Phone : +375 1643 2 77 75

Republic of Belarus.
225209, 28 Sverdlova str., Berioza, Brest region

E-mail: marketing@cheese.by

Official web-site: www.cheese.by