JSC Peskovsky

One of the leading farms in the Berezovsky district of the Brest region, whose main task is the production, processing and sale of agricultural products, the production of alcohol and spirit beverages.

The basic production units function in the structure of the economy: 4 sites for crop production; 4 farms for milk production; 2 farms for meat production; production manufactory of alcohol; production manufactory of vodka.

An important event in the life of the plant was the launch in 1994 of a workshop for the production of vodka. Six years later, the bottling line of vodka was reconstructed under a screw bottle, and in 2006, in the shop installed carbon filter battery to improve the purification of vodka. In 2006-2008 the assortment of white vodka was completely renewed. In April 2008, in the bragorektifikatsionnom department installed fusel and ether columns, which greatly improved the physico-chemical and organoleptic indicators of rectified alcohol.

The distillery produces 100 thousand deciliters of vodka and alcoholic beverages per year, 165 thousand dal of rectified ethyl alcohol.

Republic of Belarus,
225214, Brest region, Berezovsky district, a. Peski, The Soviet, 24

Director: Vladimir Vladimirovich Panasyuk

Tel. +375 1643 5-02-32
Reception: +375 1643 5-02-68

e-mail: peskovskoe@tut.by

Official website: peskovskoe-by.wix.com