OJSC «Byelovezhskiye Syry»

Open Joint Stock Company «Byelovezhskiye Syry» was established on the basis of the Vysokovsky cheese-making factory which had been manufacturing traditional rennet cheeses since 1938. Technologies and time have contributed to the development of the company. In 2003 the factory was modernized. The assortment was expanded from several kinds of cheeses to several dozens. But one thing remains unchanged: the most delicious cheese is the one that is made by the loving hands of the cheese makers. They understand that cheese is a living product. First it is cooked and then ripens, as if it is waiting the time when it can be proudly served to your table.

OJSC “Byelovezhskiye Syry” takes pride in its products. They are deeply appreciated on the market of the Republic of Belarus and abroad (the markets of the Russian Federation, Kazakhstan, Dagestan, Azerbaijan, Abkhazia).

The main purpose of the company’s activities is not only the manufacture of high quality products but also the acquaintance of consumers with a variety of cheese flavors and types.

Republic of Belarus,
225080, Socialisticheskaya str., d.18,  g. Vysokoe, Kamenets region, Brest obl.  

tel./fax: +375 1631 9-17-77
+375 1631 9-10-42

e-mail: info@belcheese.by

Official web-site: www.belcheese.by