JSC «Kobrin butter and cheese making factory»

For nearly 75 years of Kobrin Butter and Cheese making Factory has become a leading company of dairy industry in the Republic of Belarus in cheese production and producing more than 150 dairy products.

Kobrin Butter and Cheese making Factory complies with the requirements of the modern market and European standards of quality, so 70 percent of the produced cheeses, our company is exported to the commercial enterprises in Moscow and to the various Russian regions.

Kobrin Butter and Cheese making Factory carefully analyzes the quality of incoming raw materials to the company. Today, the plant - is a modern highly technical enterprise equipped with the latest automated equipment, highly qualified specialists, with their traditions and with high production standards.

Director: Ruslan  Chybatar

Tel.: +375 1642 2-23-21

Republic of Belarus
225304, Brest region, Kobrin, st. Soviet, 128

E-mail:  sec@kobrincheese.com

Official web-site: www.kobrincheese.com