SOAO «Lyakhovichi dairy factory»

SOAO «Liakhovichi Milk Factory» is an effectively operating enterprise of the processing industry in Brest region which disposes of considerable production capacities, a long operational experience and highly skilled specialists. At present the maximum milk processing capacity comes up to 250 tons per day. Every year the factory produces up to 1700 tons of butter, 1200 tons of industrial casein, more than 14000 tons of whole milk products. More than half of the total output is sold for export.

The factory is granted the right to mark kefir, sour cream, drinking milk, unsalted sweet cream butter “Krestyanskoye” with the sign “Natural Product”.

Republic of Belarus
225372  Sovetskaya str., d.79, g.Lyahovichi, Brestskaya obl.

Director: Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Zhukovskiy

tel./fax.: +375 1633  2-46-34


Official web-site: